About Me

About Me


I am an Software Engineer based in Oslo, Norway! 🇳🇴

Currently, I am working as a Software Engineer in TIDAL.


I graduated from BSc. Software Engineering in 2018 from Bahcesehir University. I accepted to my university with a speciality program called as “ApplyBAU”. During my studies, I tried to touch different areas in Software Engineering. As many of other software engineers, I started my journey with Web Development. Then moved the Android Development and Software Test Automation with Selenium.

Software Testing field gave me opportunity to do my internship in the “Testinium” as Software Test Automation Engineer. I worked with high-end device labs and biggest companies in the Turkey as our clients. After my internship, I moved to the iOS Development and also did my graduation project about iOS Development.

After graduating from bachelors, I moved to Estonia to study MSc. Cybersecurity in “TalTech” for completing my skillset on Software Engineering. Since September 2018, I am living in Tallinn, Estonia! From March 2019 to October 2020, I worked in TalTech as an iOS Engineer and built the TalTech app. Then from October 2020 to October 2021 was working in Mooncascade and worked on building the Tickmill app.

On August 2021, I successfully defended my thesis and graduated from MSc. Cybersecurity in Tallinn University of Technology.

Currently, I am working in TIDAL as a Software Engineer. I work with Apple technologies and doing the integrations for TIDAL app. In day to day basis, I mainly work with:

  • CarPlay
  • tvOS
  • watchOS
  • Google Chromecast
  • ..and of course the TIDAL iOS app!


I am a huge coffee nerd. I love talking, brewing, tasting - basically, everything about coffee.

About sports, my main thing is basketball. I love both playing and watching basketball for hours. Besides that, I am a serious Formula 1 watcher and started boxing recently.

I love photography and cinematography. Lately, I started dedicate more time and effort in this topic as well. Maybe, soon, I will share them in here as well.



He is someone who comes up with very interesting and valuable solutions. He is enthusiastic, love coding which is something very crucial for an automation engineer. He approaches Automation project as a development project and create value to the project. He always follows the trends and never scared of implementing them into projects.

May the force be with him!

- Canberk Akduygu
Senior QA Test Automation Engineer @Qardio, Inc.


He is a talented and curious iOS Engineer. In particular, he does not hesitate to try different approaches and is determined to improve himself. He follows the trends and the Apple ecosystem closely.

I wish you good luck with your career!

- Batuhan Saka
WWDC 2018 Scholarship Winner, iOS Engineer @Trendyol Group