Hello there! Yes, today is my birthday and I became 24. Let’s talk about the last year a little bit, shall we?

2020 is a disaster for all of us, no doubt. Too many unexpected things happened and looks like it will continue to happen.

Last year today, I prepared a todo list for my 23rd year. 23 is my favorite number and I was always excited about my 23rd age.

How I will celebrate?”, “What will I accomplish?”, “How much I will be successful?

It was very exciting and fun to prepare that list but I realized that I put too many items there. 23 items to achieve in my 23rd year. It is exciting to say and prepare but not that much to achieve. Moreover, when you start failing on it, it will make you feel even worse. But I learned my lesson and let’s talk about these lessons today.

1. Don’t put too much pressure on your shoulders.

23 items for the 23rd year. Seems fun, right? Not really. If the mindset here is Quality > Quantity, you should limit yourself with a fewer number of items in your checkbox. They might be harder to achieve but you’ll have a year to achieve 3 things, instead of 23 items. Achieving these 3 items will have more impact than 23 unachieved plans in your life. Or vice versa, try to put very easily achievable 23 items on your list. Go through and cross them out one by one from your list. It will put you in the flow and make your mood increase for sure.

2. Don’t put too many meanings on certain dates.

Your birthday is an ordinary day in the calendar as same as all of ours. If you chase for some dates that make you engage or push through, that’s a sign for procrastination. I know, I am sorry that I say this out loud. We all tend to procrastinate and if we also wait for some specific days that will trigger us to do something, what will happen if you miss that day? Will you wait one more year to achieve your goals? You need to be proactive. Without any meaningless triggers, you should be ready to achieve your goals and chase your dreams. You should be your own trigger.

3. Don’t put too many details in numbers.

This relates to the dates a lot. The numbers are just numbers. You can have a favorite number but that number is not responsible for you at all. You can use your favorite numbers on less important stuff. Maybe in games of chance or something like less important and impactful in your life but you should be the one who makes the decisions, not sentimental values.


After these lessons, this year will be hopefully more and more enjoyable for me. I have newer plans, newer goals, and newer systems to achieve these goals. Let’s see it together on how these dreams/ideas will work out.

If you want to learn more and interested in my ideas for starting from today. Make sure to check out the new episode of kahCast!

It will be a great follow-up episode after this post if you want to learn more about me and my plans.

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