Becoming 25: A Time for Reflection

Hello all,

I hope you are doing well. Last year, I wrote a post named “Becoming 24” and it was actually really good to reflect a bit at that time. But more importantly, it is really interesting to see what I was thinking one year ago and what I am thinking right now. I really liked to concept of self-reflection a.k.a. documenting my life tiny bit.

As I did last year, I will also come up with some action points for this year but this time I will also step back and reflecting on the last year of mine. So without further ado, let’s get started.

Don’t put too many details in numbers.

I guess, this is the only one thing that I improved over a year. Still, the life is data-driven and numbers are important for me. But I remember why I wrote this one. The idea behind this point was “23” is my lucky number and I was really upset about my 23rd age. Because I prepared 23-item list and nearly did none of them. I was obsessed about this number 23 but it’s just a number. So, I still agree, it’s just a number.

Don’t put too many meanings on certain dates.

Don’t put too much pressure on your shoulders.

I merge this two into one. Let’s face it, last year was difficult for everyone. Unfortunately, it was harder for me for personal reasons. It is even difficult to just close my eyes and remember just a year ago and still feels unreal.

Whatever happens, Life continues.” was the sentence I heard last year. Us humans, are amazing to adapt any situation which still surprises me all the time. I also adapted myself to the new reality, but this wasn’t and is not easy.I agree both things I wrote above, but I am constantly failing about them.

At least in my opinion, I can define myself as a workaholic. I like to keep my mind always busy and try to multitask like a maniac. For a small example: write a master thesis, work full-time, redesign the blog, write blog posts, lose weight and try to explore more. Sound amazing, and fun. The only problem is I have also 24 hours. That means, mostly, I am trying to multitasking or more realistically trying to figure out what to do now and end up confused and barely done multiple things instead of one solid achievement.

Yet again, I agree but this is hard to do. Special days and certain days will be always here. I am still behind what I was thinking about certain days(e.g. next monday, 1st of this month, etc.). This kind of thinking is causes procrastination instead of “get 💩 done” mentality. I hope, I will improve on this topic more this year.

But about special days, it’s not really easy. If you are experiencing something for the first time in your life, and if it a bad thing, you are going to experience deeply each and every special day. But also it is important full experience everything that you need. Without that, time won’t be a cure as well. I did a full circle about my special days and I really hope this year it will be calmer than the this one.

I don’t want to put down list of don’ts for this one and also will follow last year and will put only 3 items here. So here it goes:

1. Small steps matter.

Personally, I am not a risk-taker and a I love planning way ahead stuff then going them. But I want to be more brave about everything starting from now on. Not a complete “YOLO” mindset but just better than current me, maybe just 1% better. Consistency is key and small steps matter.

I know about MVP(Minimum Viable Product) approach from Entrepreneurship or Software Engineering, and in my daily job it is easy to approach a product as MVP initially and then improve it iteratively. But when it comes to my life, I am terrible at. Even if the step looks difficult and tiny, I will go for it.

MVP illustration Don’t stuck planning for number 4, Don’t afraid to start from number 1

2. Be stoic.

This is the most prominent principle in Stoicism. The Stoics realized that there are things we control, and things we don’t control. To get to the good life, we should focus on the things we control, and accept the rest as it happens. We can’t change what already is, but we can choose what to do with the given circumstances. I want to focus on that as well.

As I reflected above, I am putting too much on my shoulders time to time (all the time) but some of things that I am angry or upset to myself is simply not in my control. Hopefully, I will be more easy to me and try to focus what I can control and leave the rest.

3. Find yourself.

Sounds cheesy I know but it’s also true. There are something we are doing because I like it and something we are doing because others do it. Sometimes, I am questioning myself about this topic. “Am I liking this?” or something similar. The point is still I have a strong belief that I don’t myself much and still there are a lot to discover. In 25, I want to find myself - my likes, my dislikes, my fears, my opinions… I guess, this is the most fundamental thing I will do in my life, also one of the most important thing as well.

But yeah, here we are, at the finish line! 🏁

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