How to create graphs in Notion?

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I hope you are doing well. This week, I want to share a small tip that I use it very frequently. Soon, in this “Productivity” section I will share more about Notion in general but let’s get started with this small trick, shall we?

In my opinion data visualization is both powerful tool and fun to do. It helps me to understand easier and motivates me more than simple table with some numbers on it.

notion-graph-1 At the end of this post, we will achieve this graph


  1. Google Sheets → We need to create a public spreadsheet for Notion Charts to read the data.
  2. Notion Charts by Nutt Labs

..and finally Notion, obviously! 😂

Google Sheets

First, let’s create the data source. In my example, I have two columns: Months and Annual Dividend Payments.

notion-graph-2 My dummy data for the example

When your data is ready, just don’t forget to make it public link and also copy the series of numbers and letters between the /d/ and /edit in your Sheet’s URL. You will need it in the next step.

Notion Charts

This part is fairly simple. Actually, there are a lot of customization options available in the tool. Different graphs such as: line - pie - donut - bar and a lot of colours to customize your graph. But in this example, we are focusing only on the defaults - the line chart with default colours!

When you navigate to the website, you will see three mandatory input fields. There are:

  • Sheets ID → The ID that I mentioned in the “Google Sheets” section.
  • Sheet Name → This will be the title of your graph.
  • Data Range → The input of the data

notion-graph-3 Example of fields

Scroll down and hit the “Make Magic” button and copy the link, we are done here!


Well, this is the easiest step. Go to the page that you want to display your graph in the Notion, and type /embed and then paste the link to the embed box there.

That’s it, Congratulations!

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