Hello all,

I hope you are doing well and staying safe!

I am super excited and happy to introduce you the new version of the blog: “kahyalar.xyz 2.0”! This is will be a small post which I will just introduce small bits of improvements that I’ve implemented to the blog and please let me know from the Contact form if you want to hear more about technical details of the blog. I will be happy to hear your thoughts, opinions or any 🐛 that you encounter. But now, let’s jump in!

Dark Mode

As an “always dark mode” user, I really wanted to have a dark themed blog. Finally, we have it. There is a manual switch on the navigation bar that you can toggle between ☀️ and 🌙. Also there is a tiny JavaScript code that checks your theme preferences and if you are visiting this webpage from any Apple device with Dark Mode support, your theme preference should be already applied to here as well.

If your device is in Dark Mode, so do I!


Being organized is something that I really like. In the old blog, I was using tags but there weren’t any categories.

Not anymore! 💪

Homepage You can use the categories in the home page or at the bottom of the page


Yes, I have a newsletter now! At the bottom of the page, you will see a small form about it. If you will subscribe to my newsletter, I will let you know when I share a new post. Also, as mentioned there: “No spam, I promise!


I don’t want to give any spoilers, so, no screenshots but let me say this: From now on, in each post, you can see the approximate length of the post in minutes. Also, sometimes a fancy cover image.

Very soon, you will see the first example of these posts. Super excited to share much better content with a better presentation.

About & Projects

I was having some kind of “Projects” and “References” page in the previous blog but now everything is redesign from scratch and this time I have more information for you. I put down more projects, and this time, if available, I have a detail page of that project. You can take a look for more in-depth information.

Also I tried to summarize my background in both personal and technical aspects in the “About” page. Oh, before forget, for the first time I am using my real pictures not my “Memoji”. You can still see my Memoji in the bottom of the page as I am thinking what to write next.

Last but not least, we have a search functionally from now on. Simply click the search icon on the navigation bar and start searching!

Search You can both search posts by name, or with the category

Also as you can see, whole style of the blog is changed. The newer design is more bold and punchy, yet still minimalistic, in my opinion. I hope you liked the new design as well.

As mentioned earlier, I will be happy to hear your opinion!

Closing notes

I hope you liked what you read and I am really looking forward to seeing you in the next one! If you don’t want to miss any content, you can subscribe to the website and I will let you know whenever something new going on here!

Also you can reach out to me from the “Contact” section. Feel free to share your thoughs or suggest any ideas. I am reading all the messages and I will reply yours as soon as possible!

As you might know me, I like coffee and high-quality content. If you want to support me and my effort, why not a little caffeine boost ha? 😎

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