We are about the say goodbye to this lovely 2019 and going to welcome 2020. Well, before saying goodbye to 2019, I decided it is a good idea to remember my 2019 and also share those experiences with you. In this blog post, I will talk about the four most important events that happened this year.

March 2019

Let’s even go further and dial back to September 2018. Last year when I came to TalTech for English prep. year, at the beginning of the semester all students get an email that looks like this:

That iOS app wasn’t available for loooooong time. Then, I started to search for a contact. Mails back and forth, and guess what! I became the iOS Engineer of the TalTech App.

I promised you at the beginning this will be in a nutshell, so I’ll keep it short this story for now. If you are interested in my story about how I became iOS Engineer of TalTech, let me know!

Luckily, after tons of emails, I made it! In March 2019, we signed my contact and became an engineer in the Software Development Division and continuing my life as an iOS Engineer in TalTech.

August 2019

Well, after I became the iOS Developer of TalTech. My task was to publish the initial release of the iOS app before the new semester starts. The Android app was already on the market and my plan was about to use that as a guide for the initial release. It was an amazing journey for me. In a short amount of time, with the sprint mindset and all the help from my colleagues, I can manage to finish on time and before the new semester starts in September, the first version of TalTech App was on the market.

I hope that you are happy with the TalTech app! Every day we are trying to add more value to it and as a student, I am trying to look from both perspectives while adding a new feature. Besides, feel free to reach out to me and give feedback for the app!

September 2019

After the restless summer, the most exciting time of the year started for me. The new semester started and I became a cybersecurity master’s student. The new semester always comes with excitement and lots of question marks in our minds. It was very hard to manage both studies and working at the same time in the beginning but then I get used to it and now everything is much smoother. We are about the finish this first semester already. It felt very quick for me!

October 2019

After the beginning of the semester, again an email gets my attention. For the new semester, TalTech was looking for new International Student Ambassadors and I thought that it will be exciting to meet and help new people and gave a shot. And as you can imagine, fortunately, I got accepted to the program.

So far, everything is new and very exciting for me in this program and as an ambassador, I am looking forward to hearing from you more!

Closing notes

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