The App

Tickmill iOS app lets users find all their crucial account management tools wrapped up within a user-friendly interface for fast, on-the-go trading.

Tickmill app provides users with:

  • Create Wallets (EUR, USD, GBP) and Trading Accounts
  • Deposit, Withdrawal and Transfer
  • Complete Signup Flow
  • Account Management
  • KYC Document Management
  • Jailbreak Detection
  • ..and many more features.

My Contribution

The project started in Summer 2020, and I joined the project in October 2020, and I was working in this project with another colleague until October 2021. Some of my responsibilities in the project can be described as developing the iOS application, working side by side with the client, attending all the Agile ceremonies and meetings, doing code review, maintaining the CI/CD pipeline.


Keywords: Swift 5.3, Combine and Combine Extensions, Codable, UIKit, AutoLayout, Firebase, UserDefaults, Keychain, Biometrics, Swift Package Manager, Modular Architecture, MVVM-C, AppsFlyer, Jailbreak Detection, Generics, Reactive Programming, CI/CD, Dark Mode Support, Codemagic, Clean Code, Git